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Hirearkhy uses dating site technology as a model for matching job seekers with an employer. After screening over 30 data points’ using proprietary machine learning algorithm, curated matches are directly delivered to both users based on the relevance. Users have the choice to accept or reject and can completely remain anonymous until both sides agree to match, much like a dating site.

Sign-Up in Few Minutes

Create an anonymous profile in few minutes, based on 30+ data-points that we collect based on your professional experience and preferences. We will create a beautiful overlay

Auto-Match using our Algorithm

No more job search and getting spam mails from recruiters. Our algorithm matches you to hundreds of positions on a daily basis to discover the best fit opportunities for you.

Get Personal and be in Control

Once you are interested in a match, you let us know about it and we will make an introduction via mail or through our upcoming app. You identity will remain anonymous until both parties agree to accept

Communicate One to One

Once both parties agree to match, interact directly with employers through our online chat platform. You will be able to inquire directly with employers about the position in detail and track the progress of the hiring process in real-time.