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Hirearkhy uses dating site technology as a model for matching job seekers with an employer. After screening over 30 data points’ using proprietary machine learning algorithm, curated matches are directly delivered to both users based on the relevance. Users have the choice to accept or reject and can completely remain anonymous until both sides agree to match, much like a dating site.

Sign-Up in Few Minutes

Start with a company profile and create a job opening using our intuitive tools. Your job posting is automatically transformed into an algorithmic search agent

Get Matched with Top Techies

Top techies opt-in to Hirearkhy and tell us what they want from their next job (working with a new technology, better salary & compensation, relocation etc.). Our algorithm then matches candidate with the opportunity based on their experience and their personal expectations

Connect with offers

Matches are directly delivered to your dashboard. After viewing their anonymous profile you can approach them. To get connected, you need to meet their personal set of expectations. Matches with mutual interest will accept your request.

Chat, choose, hire.

Once you're matched up and connected, you can directly chat with the candidate to learn more about them, and send that offer if you'd like.